Vision V2 Pure Water Additive


#1 most popular pure water additive, gives windows an extra shine showing how cleaner the window is.

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Vision V2 by Jigsaw Innovations
Vision V2 is an additive to be used alongside pure water – there is no need to worry though as it will not affect the water purity, still giving you the same reading when you measure with a TDS Meter. Vision V2 is the perfect cleaning chemical to add in your tank to produce greater looking windows and is still safe for use with your water fed pole.
What does using Vision V2 benefit for me?
Vision V2 will gives pure water that extra boost, sometimes even cleaning better than standalone pure water, and because of this extra kick you can produce an even greater looking window and improve your work speed as the brush head will now glide along the window, and what makes this product so popular among our customers is how it makes the windows become more hydrophilic, meaning the final rinse will be much easier for the next clean but still produce that great looking spotless finish with that extra shine given by Vision.
Can I still use Vision in 25Litre containers?
The easiest way to measure out Vision for 25 litre containers is to put 1 ml of mixture into a measuring jug of any size and then fill with pure water and then you’ll have enough mixture for 4×25 litre containers (i.e. using a 1litre bottle with 1 ml of Vision, pour a quarter/250 ml into each tub.

If you are using a van mounted reach and wash system, you will require 1ml of Vision mixture to every 100litres of pure water.


** Measuring Cup included