Unger Ultimate Window Cleaning Squeegee


To help celebrate Unger being 50 years old and them starting to make quality window cleaning tools back in 1964, they have made a stunning piece of artwork that is the Unger Ultimate Squeegee. The squeegee is strictly limited edition with only 1964 made worldwide, not just for Unger UK, you will have to be fast to get one of these handcrafted carbon fibre squeegees.

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Window cleaning squeegee
The Ultimate squeegee is 14 inches long and comes in a beautiful presentation box with metal plated certificate of authenticity that will make any other window cleaner envious. In our eyes this is more of a memorabilia that should be sitting on a mantelpiece than a day to day tool unless you have the money to do so. You sure will have the best tool for window cleaning out there and with it being the lightest window cleaning squeegee and lets face it, most visually striking too with its carbon fibre and golden 50 years Unger logo, if you want the best of the best for work, buy two!

With buying one of these you’ll be in the elite group of not only owning one of the 1964 ever made squeegees but having the first and only to date carbon squeegee in the world. As soon as you pick this up you will realise how much thought has gone into the handcrafted squeegee to make it lightweight, even anodised aluminium screws have been used!

The materials used to make this masterpiece is worth the money on its own. The lightweight squeegee handle is made out of T7000 (7 layers) carbon fibre with an anti slip coating applied on top meaning it will always be in your hand, no matter how wet the squeegee handle gets if you dare to use it. On the underneath you will find its very own issue number and Unger logo laser engraved into the sand blasted stainless steel spring. The squeegee channel is ENAW 6060 aluminium which is pre dog-eared and manually processed with a heat treated coating. The channel endings are also curved at the edges allowing you to apply more pressure at the corners knowing that you are not going to damage the rubber, this also means that you can get more into window edges so less detailing is needed. Even the screws are made of light hard coated 7075 anodised aluminium, the thought and pure detail that Unger have put into the ultimate is extraordinary and not normally associated with window cleaning products, more of the like of German cars!

Don’t waste time getting one of these, once they’ve sold out they’re gone! Great idea for a present for a member of family in the window cleaning trade. Our managing director got one for his father. Happy retirement Joe!