Unger StripWasher ErgoTec T-Bar


The Unger StripWasher ErgoTec T-Bar is our best seller with it’s ergonomic handle, thumb grip and water wells for great water retention.

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The Unger StripWasher ErgoTec T-Bar is made out of strong nylon plastic and has rubberised grip area for where your thumb would sit to ensure the handle does not slip out of you hand once wet. The rest of the handle is made to ergonomically fit with your hand to make sure you have a comfortable day on the tools.

All three sizes, 10″, 14″ and 18″, have water wells built into the bar, giving you maximum water retention.

The ergonomic handle has a slit ready to be locked in to any of the Unger Telescopic Extension Poles (OptiLock fitting) so you can work at height safely from the ground.


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