Unger QuickChange Resin Bags – HydroPower Filters


The Unger quick change resin bags are a god send to window cleaners that don’t like the mess of a normal resin filter change. Where normally a mess is made and very time consuming, the Unger¬†quickchange resin bags speed up the resin change by simply removing the bag and inserting a new one, it’s that simple!

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The Unger QuickChange resin bags are made of a mesh liner where the water filters through the Unger high capacity premium grade mixed resin without having to take out of the bag, this is great as the correct amount of resin is always used meaning further no wastage costs.

The Unger QuickChange resin bags are for use with the Unger nLite HydroPower DI Filters. Packed in a resealable airtight pouch for ease of storage and transportation.

We highly recommend to use QuickChange resin bags with the 24litre HydroPower unit as its size makes it very difficult to switch loose resin.

DIB64 – 4x 6L resin bag
DIB61 – 1x 6L resin bag

** Please note, may take 3 – 5 working business days for shipment if low on stock.

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1x Resin Bag, 4x Resin Bag