Unger Premium Grade Virgin Mixed Bed Resin


The DIB25 is a 25 litre bag of premium grade virgin mixed bed resin designed for total deionisation and purification of water for window cleaning. Made for the Unger HydroPower DI cartridges, it is a great upgrade of DI resin for any other DI pressure vessel or filter.

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Best to be changed when your TDS meter is showing readings over 10ppm, the new resin will immediately produce 100% pure water for streak free window cleaning.

Unger have made a video showing you how to change resin in a Unger HiFlo filter so be sure to check that out. Make sure that you use a funnel so there is no wastage and to connect the hoses to the correct sides by checking the way the arrows point on the screw top.

The DIB25 is a popular choice with commercial window cleaners as it allows for window cleaning with the best effects. Because of its ability to produce completely streak free windows when used, the DIB25 is an effective tool to improve efficiency which allows commercial window cleaners to be able to complete jobs quickly without compromising on results.

For those looking to reduce the amount of chemical based products that they use in window cleaning jobs, the DIB25 is an excellent alternative when used with refillable DI cartridges or DI pressure vessels. It is also an effective choice for Pure Water Window Cleaning.

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