Unger nLite One Glass Fibre Water Fed Poles


Unger’s newest WFP no longer requires extension poles as they have now followed suit and brought out their own range of telescopic Water Fed Poles.



Unger nLite One glass fibre water fed poles
The Unger nLite one is the 2nd water fed pole series from Unger using the same high premium quality materials as the Unger nLite Connect poles. The nLite one poles range from sizes of 8ft to 32ft and all can easily be extended, adjusted and closed in seconds with Unger’s top quality levers that other brands still try to replicate.

The newly designed rounded rubber grip handle is made from a thermoplastic rubber that is built to last and will minimise any damage to the base of the pole with shock absorbing technology. The handle also features a hose exit hole for users that prefer using the hose inside the pole instead of the outside, this will prevent any kinking or twisting of the hose.

Unger’s nLite one pole uses the same clamps from the previous models, they also feature thumb screws with the Unger logo as the screw head making it really easy to adjust, remove or swap with a new one. The nLite one connect includes nLite clips – giving you the ability to thread the hose on the outside and keeping in place without use of tape or zip ties.

All of the clamps are replaceable and display the size of the clamp underneath the lever making it a cinch to get back up and running in no time. All sections of the nLite one poles include highly visible red labels that will help stop you from overextending the pole and to tell you where the maximum length is reached.

nLite Pole Hose sold separately.

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