Unger nLite Connect Glass Fibre Water Fed Pole


The Unger nLite Glass fibre poles maybe the entry level in their grading system but by no means should these excellent fibre glass poles be ruled out of being in your window cleaning kit.



The best and at the top of the entry level window cleaning pole class, the nLite glass fibre pole comes in at a LDR rigidity rating of 15.2 on the master pole (23.2 on the extension pole) weighing only 1.7kg for the 6 meter pole. The master window cleaning pole is 4 sections long and come with the durable plastic endcap and multilink thread adapter included.

To make it easy for you, Unger have coloured the sections that come apart yellow on the levers as well as the bits such as the end caps to make sure when opening the levers nothing gets lost or dropped. The levers on the pole are of a very high quality feel and the green Unger screws are there to adjust the tension making a tight fit and you can be sure that nothing moves when it shouldn’t.

If a 20ft window cleaning pole isn’t long enough for you then nLite glass fibre poles can be made longer by adding an extension pole. The extension pole gets added to the bottom of the master pole by simply taking out the rubber footed end cap and adding the 2 section extension pole giving you an extra 3 meters (10ft). Crucially, the extension poles don’t add anything to the width, grip and feel of the Pole which always measures 35mm in diameter – an optimum size that fits easily into the hands of the professional for quick and comfortable cleaning. The recommended limit height for the Unger nLite pole is 10 meters / 35ft.

Here is how to create your desired length:

For maximum extended pole pole length 6m / 20ft order: 1x Master Pole (GF60G)
For maximum extended pole pole length 9.5m / 31ft order: 1x Master Pole (GF60G) + 1x Extension Pole (GF30G)


** Please note, can take up to 3 – 5 business working days to be shipped after purchase.

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