Unger nLite Endcap


If you own an Unger nLite Master Pole you should most definitely have an nLite Endcap as a spare in your toolkit. A must to save you from damaging your expensive reach and wash pole.

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Keeping the base of your water fed pole safe is the optimal way to ensure the pole and pole hose last for years to come, simply by inserting this end cap to the base of the Unger nLite connect Master Poles will prevent the base section from getting seriously damaged when accidentally dropped on the floor, this repetitive action can cause splits right in the pole hose making it too short to use or repair.

The Unger nLite Endcap is made from a durable plastic which has a side aperture for the hose to lead out of, this will ensure no pressure is ever put on the hose preventing any splits where pure water can leak from. This product is already included with the Unger nLite Master Poles so this is a replacement definitely an ideal purchase for whenever the original end cap has worn out or been damaged as it’s 10 times cheaper than replacing your water fed pole. Secured in place with a clamp, that can be released if you wish to add an nLite Connect Extension Pole.