Unger nLite Connect Carbon Fibre Pole Water Fed Pole


The Unger nLiteĀ® Carbon Fibre pole is a 22ft 4 section lightweight carbon fibre water fed pole that Unger have recommended, with the help of the extension poles, to be good up to 53ft (16 meters) in height.

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The master pole weights in at 1.6kg and by itself extends to 22ft (6.63 meters). With an LDR rating of 28.3, it has superior rigidity for its price. Like all of the Unger nLite water fed poles, adding the extension poles DOES NOT add any width to the bottom making sure that you have a perfect 35mm diameter to grip on to giving you the perfect grip throughout your working day. The add on extension poles to the CT67G is the CT35G 2 section extension pole.

As with all of the nLite water fed poles, the master pole comes with the multilink thread adapter and endcap.

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Master 22ft, Extension 11ft