Unger HydroPower RO


It is finally here! The daddy of purification systems – The Unger HydroPower RO
Create 400 litres of pure water an hour whilst being able to have 3 operators simultaneously!

We’ve had one running for the last year at HQ! Come and have a chat to us in Hemel Hempstead and see it in action.

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This is the one that everybody is been waiting for, the Unger Hydropower RO unit.

The Unger Hydropower RO is the top of the range reverse osmosis system out there with its ultra fast and easy-care set up, you get maximum performance whilst the self-maintenance technology makes it completely easy for anyone to be able to change the membranes when needed.

We have been running the Unger Hydropower RO for a year now at our HQ and it still blows us away on how easy the unit is and better than that, how clever the maintenance setup is on there, with it’s computer screen, anyone can follow the on board instructions. Being able to produce 400 litres of pure water an hour with piece of mind is pure bliss!

Self clean and performance levels right in front of your eyes.
On the top of the unit Unger have put a very neat colour computer screen tracking performance and maintenance. When turning the unit on, all water gets sent through to waste to dump the standing water out without touching the resin, so it’s now a thing of the past remembering whether you have the RO’s in flush mode or the tap fully closed! On the screen you will see how the pre-filter and membranes are doing so you visually know when you need to replace.

Pre-filter, 2 RO membranes and a DI resin filter
Unger has always been at the front of innovation and they haven’t let us down with the Hydropower RO pure water filter. The four filters can be changed with a simple twist and lift method meaning that there’s no time lost trying to find any tools giving you more time on the job in hand. Unger reckon that you’ll be saving up to 30x the time with changing these RO’s over… I personally think that you’ll be saving more time as not only the need of finding the correct tools, you don’t have to try and take off any hoses that have been jubilee clipped on!!!

One stop shop for the ideal home setup with a delivery hose or using out on site.
The unit screams out German quality with it’s compact and robust design. The housing around the filter are designed for those little ‘accidental knocks’ from time to time and the durable metal quick release connectors are there to stop any unwanted leaks or drips.

Additional information

Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 107 × 53 × 70 cm