Unger HydroPower RO Carbon Pre-Filter


Keep your RO filters alive longer by replacing your carbon pre-filter!

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Unger HydroPower RO Carbon Pre-Filter is used within Slot #1 on your HydroPower RO system.

By using the Carbon Pre-Filter, you can reduce the strain on the RO membranes by removing the largest impurities and chlorine from the water.
When do I change the Pre-Filter?
One of the most useful things the HydroPower RO does is show you when to change your filters.

After installing the Pre-filter, make sure you reset it, simply follow the instructions outlined in the Manual, once completed and you have restarted the water purification process, click on the button on the display labeled “Pre”, this will then show you the status of your filters, once it is showing red – it’s time to change your filter.