Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper


A simple retractable scraper blade ideal for spot or detail cleaning.

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The Unger ErgoTec Safety Scraper is the perfect scraper to carry with you at all times whilst working. Designed to carry 1x 1″ (inch) blade, this scraper is perfect for spot or detail cleaning.

Featured on this scraper is a rubber grip surrounding the metal casing that encloses the retractable blade to conceal it from cutting yourself when not in use, this cover allows you to have better grip onto the scraper whilst also providing protection from the cold stainless steel when in use in those cold winter months.

The blade can be locked into position, meaning you won’t need to keep applying pressure to the sliding button, allowing you to use a greater amount of force in a comfortable position.

Whenever the scraper comes into contact with liquid, it is recommended to wipe dry to prevent it from rusting.

Replacement blades are available in a pack of 10, contained within a plastic case to ensure they won’t get damaged, or be a safety risk when not in use.