Unger ErgoTec Ninja Glass Scraper


Unger Ninja window scraper is available in either 4″ (10cm) or 6″ (15cm) blade sizes.

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The Unger ErgoTec Ninja scraper is a new glass scraper that has had a lot of research and development chucked at it making it a near enough perfect window scraper that you should diffidently have in your window cleaning supplies.

Available in either four inch or six inch blades. The scraper has the Unger Ninja handle which has an ergonomic grip made out of rubber for non slip which is very important while you are handling a blade. It feels very comfortable with a nice weight knowing that you have a good quality product and reduces hand and shoulder fatigue. The main feature of the Ninja scraper is that you can change the scraping angle from straight to 30º at a touch of the button on the handle. At 30º it is perfect for working at height with a pole and also eliminates the need for 2 different type of scrapers.

Both sizes come with removable protective blade covers but we would recommend upgrading to the Unger ErgoTec Ninja holster which connects to your Unger belt. With the Ninja scraper holster you can carry either the 4inch blade or the 6 inch scraper with you at all times and both fit into the holster straight or at 30º angles. Unger have created new window cleaning blades for the Ninja scraper that are specifically glass cleaning blades and are made out of stainless steel. These Unger scraper blades are razor sharp as well as having great durability.

Designed to remove paint, decals, tape, heavy soil, debris and construction clean up with ease. As with all window cleaning scrapers, only apply pressure while moving forward. Please choose 4 inch blade or 6 inch blade from the drop down menu.

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