Unger ErgoTec Glass Scraper


Unger window scraper for getting rid of stubborn debris on windows such as stickers or glue. Ergonomic handle.

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The Unger ErgoTec glass scraper is a must for any professional window cleaner wanting to scrape a large area at once and should be a part of all pro’s window cleaning equipment. The ErgoTec window scraper comes in two different sizes, the 4 inch window scraper (10cm) or the 6 inch window scraper (15cm). It has the ErgoTec handle which is a ergonomic bi-component handle that your hand will sit comfortably in all day and not give you any strain. At the bottom of the handle it has the lock for using the locking tip mechanism found on Unger poles for working at height.

The bright Unger green safety cap sits firmly over the top of the blade showing you quite clearly that it’s there. The safety cap is popped off by pushing your thumb up by the tabs on each end to reveal the blade. To change the blades its a simple push in on the tab on the side and the blade easily slides out ready for flipping over or changing.

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