Unger Easy-Click Long Pole


Replaceable extensions for a great piece of internal window cleaning kit, ideal to grab a spare just incase one ever breaks.

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The Unger Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit is the perfect tool for keeping windows clean on the inside of your customers house, so it’s important to be able to use it without the need for ladders, this long extension pole allows you to add up to 2ft (0.6m) max of up to 13ft (4m), making it less inconvenient to clean high up windows or over computers.

The Triangular design gives the Stingray Kit a sturdier design, allowing the use of up to 2 or more Extension Poles, both the Short and Longer Pole include buttons that will dispense an even amount of fluid from the Stingray Glass Cleaner Pouches, also a great handle grip on each pole, including the handheld unit, giving better control when twisting the pad to clean.