Stingray Indoor Cleaning Kit 100 PLUS


Need to clean the inside of your customers house or business? Look no further! Unger’s Stingray is the perfect companion for indoor window cleaning.

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Being able to clean windows 25% faster and using up to 39% less chemicals than a conventional sprayer and cloth method, the Unger Stingray is the most efficient indoor window cleaning tool ever.

Having several patent pending features that overcome where other indoor window cleaning fall down, the Unger stingray is going to change the way that you will deal with your indoor window cleaning contracts.

No overspray

In the middle of the the head of the Stingray is a cutout triangle where the spray comes through. The stingray is placed on the glass before you press the trigger meaning that there are no chemicals going everywhere… staying on the window as it should. No mess and more importantly, no wasted spray!

Microfiber cloth head

The microfiber triangle cloth is good for up to 200 washes and is securely held into place by its elastic backing. One comes with all kits but highly recommended to by a few for first cleans!

“3D rotational head”

As shown in the video above, the head on the Stingray can keep spinning so as soon as you get right into that tight corner of the glass, it just turns ready for the next edge.

3M Scotchgard

For decades the Scotchgard name from the brand 3M has been protecting people’s possessions whether it’s a new couch, suede shoes or the whole interior of your vehicle, Unger are very pleased to be able to work together with 3M and now have it protecting interior windows with the Stingray Professional Glass Cleaner sachets that you put into your Stingray indoor cleaning tool.

Included in this kit:

  • 1x Stingray Handheld Unit
  • 1x Stingray Glass Cleaner Pouch
  • 1x Stingray Deep Clean Microfibre TriPad
  • 1x Easy-Click-Pole short: 1x 0.63m
  • 2x AA batteries*

*Powered by 2x AA batteries lasting out approx. 6 months based on 11.000 cycles of one-second pushes