Push Fit T Connector


Quick Release functionality makes this product valuable to any reach and wash window cleaner, easy to connect and disconnect it takes no time at all and no additional tools or sealant required.

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Push Fit T connectors are┬áthe level up from the Nylon Y Connectors, with the quick release functionality it’s simple to apply and remove for the pole hose connecting from your reach and wash system to the brush head’s pencil or jet streams.

Nickel coated brass plates protects it from corrosion, this ensures rust will not form and prevent damage occurring – making sure water loss is avoided.

Like the Push Fit Straight connector, this Push Fit T connector requires no additional sealants to prevent water loss as the tapered teeth are enough to avoid the hose from coming loose as they provide a great and strong seal.

The Quick Release functionality is a convenient and time saving task, it’s easy to connect or disconnect the pole hose from the connector providing it with labour-saving work as it takes less than a second to remove.

Designed for use with 8mm External Diameter pole hoses, such as FaceLift Pole Hose or Ionic Systems Pole Hose.

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