Silverline O-Clip Tool


Forged with chrome vanadium steel, this tool is ideal for crimping O-Clips securely locking in hose pipe connections.

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Silverline O-Clip Tool is perfect for crimping a c-clip to your hoses to ensure a secure connection is made to prevent leaking, they are made from chrome vanadium steel which is the hardest, most ductile and strongest steel of the trade.

It’s easy to use, simply use the strong jaws to crimp each side of the o-clip to ensure a secure connection is made, they’re also easy to remove, all it requires is a little force to cut off the o-clip.

The vinyl dipped handles gives greater grip when handling the tool, this makes a huge impact on the useage as it’s helpful for when you need to replace the clip even when it’s too cold to feel your hands.