Moerman F*LIQ Microfibre Pad Sleeve


100% Microfibre sleeve designed to be used with the Excelerator and Liquidator 2.0, use as a combined tool of a squeegee and washer with a simple to use flip pad.



Moerman F*LIQ Microfibre Pad Sleeve features 100% high quality premium microfibre sleeve pad and is easy to use with the combined squeegee and washer tool known as the Excelerator with the Liquidator 2.0 channel, easy to attach and remove with the snap on clips, it’s ideal to have a few spare pads in your kit.

To use with a telescopic pole, sply use the F*LIQ pad over the channel, if using the tool by hand, it will go under, this allows you to easily switch between them without any hassle.

Extra padding and 16mm length fibres allow for greater water retention, allowing you to wash at least two windows before needing to soak the pad.

** Clips included

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