Microbore Male Tail Couplings


A lightweight and durable hose tail coupling designed to work with Microbore Female Tail Couplings, easy to install and remove and simple to use quick release function useful for increasing work efficiency.



Microbore Male Hose Tail Couplings are a great nickel plated brass fitting for water fed pole hoses, this nickel plating allows these fittings to get wet but not rust as they are corrosion resistant.

Not only are they very small and lightweight, but they work with quick release Microbore Female Hose Tail CouplingsĀ fittings, this allows you to switch between your Water fed poles in an instant, decreasing time spent on packing away a pole for use of a different brush head for a different task, this cuts down on time spent at every job, allowing you to get more work done in a more efficient way.

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