JVP Safety Coil Lanyard


The JVP Coiled lanyard has been designed by us for working at height with window cleaning tools with safety as a priority.

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Coiled tool lanyard / tool tethers UK

Using a safety lanyard is crucial when working at height, your window cleaning tools should be connected to yourself at all times to give maximum protection to anyone below. This is why we have developed our coiled safety lanyard to tether your window cleaning tools with all of the features a window cleaner should need.

The PU coated wire braided rope is coiled so it eliminates the problems with other safety lanyards that get in the way. When coiled it is 110mm and can extend to 1.2 meters in length and can hold window cleaning tools up to 2.5kg in weight.
Both ends have swivelling karabiners with a locking gate.
The JVP safety lanyard weighs in at 154gms and each one comes with its own serial number so they can be logged and inspected on a 6 monthly basis.
Please be aware that you receive X2 of the lanyards when purchasing 1.