Ionic Systems Water Fed Pole Hose


Ionic Systems Water Fed Pole Hose is ideal for daily use, strong and durable this hose will last a lot longer than other brands which is why it’s the top choice for many reach and wash window cleaners.

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With the Ionic Systems Water fed pole hose having an inside diameter of 5mm and an outside of 8mm, you can be sure it will fit your water fed pole, like many other Ionic System products, it’s built to last – being strong ensures it’ll last a while even with daily use.

A high visibility orange or blue colour has been used with this pole hose this ensures you will not trip over even when working in late or during the winter months.

You can use the pole hose either internally or externally, however, we find that it works best internally as there’s less risk to damaging the pole hose, but it’s the user’s preference.


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