Ionic Systems Transverse Clamp Parts-


Because it’s an important component of the water fed pole, it would be ideal to buy a couple just in case they ever get damaged or worn out.



Ionic Systems Clamp parts are important for your water fed pole to operate, without them, there is no way to reach up higher when it’s stuck at the unextended height – which is why you need them to be functional, so it’s a good idea to keep a few of these parts for when you need them most.

Levers, nuts or screws are the 3 main parts, including the Ionic Systems clamp body. Please select from the dropdown menu what part you require.

They’re easy to replace and remove, all that’s required is unscrewing it and pushing out the nut and releasing the lever.

The Pivot Nut for these clamps are now available in stainless steel, so although costing more that than the plastic version, they’re a lot more sturdy and rust proof – so they’ll last even longer than before and will not for rust when wet.


** Please note, the Pivot Nuts are now Stainless Steel.


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