Ionic Systems Ferule


The Ferule allows for the use of Ionic Systems Commercial Brush Head Assemblies and is easily attached to the Glyder or Swift Water Fed Poles.

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Ionic Systems Ferule is a fitting designed for the Glyder and Swift Water Fed Poles.

Can be fitted to the top section of the Poles with the Ionic Pole Adhesive (simply cut then sand down the end of the section for better application of glue), once applied, leave to sit for 5 minutes to ensure it sets, an additional 24 hours is required to allow the glue to adhere correctly, any use prior to the 24 hours after application would likely result in the glue and the Ferule coming loose.

The Ferule has a nut & bolt that needs to be tightened or loosened with an allen key to attach or remove the Ionic Systems Gooseneck.

Unlike the threaded version, these poles must use the compatible Ionic Systems Commercial Brush Head Assemblies. The Gooseneck allows you to add an additional 9″, 24″ or 36″ respectively.