Ionic Pole Adhesive


Ionic Pole Adhesive is an ideal glue for use with any Ionic Systems Water Fed Poles.

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How to use the Ionic Pole Adhesive?
Ensure the cartridge of the adhesive glue is at room temperature. Adhesive which has been kept in a cold van overnight will not dispense through the mixer nozzle correctly and will result in an inconsistent or not mixed material.

Simply start by removing the grey end cap from the cartridge by turning it 90° and pull it off the cartridge containing the adhesive.
Attach the mixer nozzle (2x mixing nozzles are supplied) to the cartridge, and insert it with the 2 holes lined up correctly. Large one to the large one and the small one to the small one. There is a tab on the mixer nozzle which inserts into the cartridge to ensure the correct alignment is made.
Twist the mixer nozzle 90° to lock it onto the cartridge.
Insert the plunger into the rear of the cartridge, correctly oriented, large plunger to the large orifice and the small plunger to the smaller orifice.
Depress the plunger to start the flow of adhesive through the mixer nozzle. As the adhesive passes through the mixer nozzle, it will automatically be mixed.
Ensure as you dispense the adhesive glue, ensure the plunger is not depressed too quickly/forcefully; Allow the adhesive to flow through gently.
Ensure the first portion, circa 1cm, of adhesive pushed through the mixer nozzle is disposed of to ensure a correct mix ratio. The adhesive being pushed through should be grey in colour.
Before continuing, please check Preparing the pole section.
After reading Preparing the pole section, squeeze a bead of glue around the outside of the section.
Squeeze a bead of glue around the inside of the replacement (orange or blue) clamp.
Push clamp straight onto the section. DO NOT TWIST.
Quickly wipe away excess glue around the outside of the clamp before it can dry.
Use a knife to cut away excess glue inside the clamp.
Check What now? For further information about the Ionic Pole Adhesive

Preparing the pole section

Ensure any damaged clamps are removed from the pole section
Using sand paper, sand down the top of the pole section, then sand down the inside of the clamp
After step #2, wipe down the sanded areas.
Continue from step #9 on How to use the Ionic Pole Adhesive?

What now?
The adhesive has a working time of 6 – 9 minutes and a full cure time of 12 hours.

Once finished with the adhesive, remover the mixer nozzle and dispose of it. Refit the grey cap by inserting it in the correct orientation and twist.

You will now need to keep the Ionic Pole Adhesive glue cartridge at room temperature and NOT below 8°C.

Any remaining adhesive can be re-used when required.

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