HM Digital Handheld TDS Meter


The perfect small, portable handheld device for pure water window cleaning. A must have for all reach and wash window cleaners, this tool is for checking water purity to make sure you give perfect spotless window cleaning with reach and wash water fed pole cleaning.

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Handheld TDS Meter by HM Digital
The Handheld TDS Meter is the perfect device for measuring PPM in water, this allows you to check purity making sure that your water fed system is creating pure water for window cleaning with a spotless finish. A ¬£20 device will easily save you money as you’ll be able to judge when it’s best to swap out a filter or switch to a new resin bag and because this device is so small and portable, you can easily carry it anywhere you may need and easily store it within your vehicle.
Water tds meter price
Using a 3 stage method you can check if you are using your system to its full advantage and a great way for troubleshooting your pure water system, simply by checking ppm of water from the tap, the water coming out after the RO filters and then water going through the resin before it’s used with a water fed pole to clean windows.

This handheld device is sold pre calibrated, meaning the TDS meter can be used instantly without the need of setting up the device.