FaceLift Water Fed Pole Hose


Ideal for use with the well known brands of water fed poles, the hose is perfect even when in constant use so you’ll be sure you want be in need of purchasing another one anytime soon.



FaceLift water fed pole hose is perfect for many reach and wash window cleaners. Strong and durable, this pole hose is perfect for most well known brands of WFP such as Unger’s nLite one or FaceLift Phoenix range.

With there being many water fed poles to choose from you will want to make sure you have the right pole hose to go with it, that’s why this product is recommended by many local window cleaners as it is their top choice due to the great durability of the hose ensuring you’ll get great use from a great product.

The pole hose can either be internally or externally threaded, however it’s best internally as there is less risk of damaging the product, but it is entirely the user’s preference.

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