FaceLift RazrGlide Premium Detergent


RazrGlide is ideal for traditional window cleaning, simply dilute with water (0.125L to 20 Litres). Leaves a streak free finish, giving it that professional look.

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FaceLift RazrGlide Premium Detergent
FaceLift RazrGlide is a top rated cleaning detergent for many traditional window cleaners, using naturally derived citrus solvents with surfactants and sodium citrate makes this great for cleaning dirt, grime, grease and oils from windows, simply dilute into a bucket of warm water (0.125L to 20 Litres) and dunk in your t-bar washer to get started.

RazrGlide is formulated for to produce the perfect streak free finish, which gives it a professional look. RazrGlide is gentle on your skin, so even if you spill some, it won’t cause any damage to the surrounding areas.

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