FaceLift Phoenix Van Mounted System


This is the perfect van mounted system for large vans, its high capacity allows for more storage of pure water for reach and wash window cleaning, making them the ideal tank for a busy window cleaner.



FaceLift Phoenix Van Mounted System
The FaceLift Phoenix van mounted system offers some variations of tank capacity, this system offers a 350 litre or 500 litre and even a 650 litre tank, so you’ll have a wider selection of tank sizes compared to FaceLift Compact, making them the ideal reach and wash system for large vans.

The low capacity 350 litre tank has only one user operation, meaning only one window cleaner can use it at a time, whereas the larger capacity tanks have the ability to run two water fed poles at once making the larger tanks greater for use with a team of two window cleaners.

Its new robust design eliminates the need for external components decreasing the risks of accidental damage giving you the peace of mind to be able to get on with your job without the worry of damaging important components such as the RO or DI resin vessel.

All three van mounted systems have optional extras – RO + DI resin vessel and/or a standalone DI resin vessel. All of the tanks come with a very simple user operation digital control panel that has three important buttons – up, down and enter.

The up and down key will adjust from 0 to 99% indicating how much percentage of the pump is used, we’re finding that most users are suggesting to use between 45 – 65% as this has and continues to produce great results, finally the enter key will cycle through the various settings available to adjust, but please keep in mind that this may differ depending on the version you are using.

The FaceLift water fed tank is baffled meaning the amount of water movement in the back of your vehicle is decreased giving you a much safer drive.

If you would like this product to be installed, please contact our Hemel Hempstead unit via telephone: 01442 831777.

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