FaceLift Phoenix Pro Hybrid


The Phoenix hybrid pole is the middle of the range water fed poles from the Window Cleaning Warehouse boys and is colour coded in blue. The hybrid model is a great mixture of glass fibre and carbon fibre to give you a much more rigid WFP compared to the glass fibre water fed pole without the price tag of a full carbon water fed pole.

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The FaceLift Phoenix Pro Hybrid poles range from 18ft to 35ft and even though a mixture of glass and carbon fibre they’re still lightweight and perfect for ground work and yet, still offer great rigidity.

Excellent rigidity is given to this pole by its use of a hybrid mixture of carbon and glass fibre, this mixture gives it the attributes of a reliable and sturdy pole for daily use as its high rigidity won’t affect your work in any way.

These hybrid poles are the level up from their glass fibre range and are the perfect entry level mid height pole, some of our customers have been shocked by how much lighter and stronger it is than the glass fibre water fed poles.


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