FaceLift Phantom Hybrid Water Fed Pole


FaceLift Phantom is the latest water fed pole from FaceLift Cleaning Systems, unlike the previous range, the Phantom pole features new bolt on clamps that are easily removable for replacement.



FaceLift Phantom is the latest range of Water Fed Poles from FaceLift Cleaning Systems.

Unlike the standard Water Fed Poles, the Phantom uses bolted on clamps – so should you ever damage a clamp for whatever reason, it’ll take less than 10 seconds to switch out to replacement and then you’re ready to work.

The Exceed Innovation red sleeve is made of TPU Elastomer and it separates two hard surfaces, reducing the wear and tear experienced when the clamp body applies force to the pole section. The sleeve can cope with huge amounts of usage and allows the pole sections to extend and collapse smoothly.

Although costing more than the predecessor – FaceLift Phoenix Hybrid, the Phantom Hybrid Poles use a higher composite of carbon and glass fibre to ensure better quality sections and with the aid of their newly designed clamps – these sections will last longer.

Pole Hose included – (5mm internal, 8mm external)

Once you’ve added this pole to your basket – don’t forget to look at some Brush Heads!

18ft HYBRID PH-HY-18 1090g 152cm
22ft HYBRID PH-HY-22 1420g 157cm
30ft HYBRID PH-HY-30 2000g 180cm
35ft HYBRID PH-HY-35 3040g 183cm

** Please note, may take 3 – 5 working business days for shipment on date of purchase, based on stock quantities.

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