FaceLift Compact 425 Litres Van Mounted System


Holding up to 425 litres, FaceLift’s Compact is perfect for window cleaners new to the reach and wash game!



FaceLift Compact 425 Litres Van Mounted System
The FaceLift Compact van mounted system is a perfect reach and wash system for small vans or if space is limited. This system is still able to contain a decent volume of pure water for window cleaning which makes them so ideal which is why they are widely used by many of our customers, this van mount system is perfect for those who have just upgraded from the traditional method to reach and wash or from a window cleaning backpack.

This system includes a 100 psi pump and a powerful 85Ah battery which can be plugged in to charge with no hassle, however you can use an inline splitter with your vehicle battery to make sure that both batteries will run at optimised levels.

An optional upgrade for the system is a bluetooth intelligent controller where you can cut the water flow from approximately 100 meters away, this will prevent water from being wasted saving you more money in the long run.

Another optional upgrade is a replaceable DI resin unit making sure your water is at 0 ppm when used on windows for a perfect and spotless finish.

You can have a choice of a 325 litre or a 425 litre tank with optional extras such as a DI resin vessel.

If you would like this product to be installed, please contact our Hemel Hempstead unit via telephone: 01442 831777.


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