FaceLift Big Boy Backpack 2


The Big Boy Backpack 2 is now available!

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Big Boy Backpack 2 marks the 2nd in the series of the Big Boy Backpacks by FaceLift, unlike the original window cleaning backpack, the handle is now built into the tank, so no more strain on the lid when transporting it full of purified water.

With this backpack, there’s a 3-position rocker switch, allowing you to set one fast constant speed or activating the variable setting which allows you to control the flow of water.

Before you get started using the Backpack, you should ensure that you have given it a full 24 hour charge, then simply open the screw threaded lid and pour your purified water into it, this tank can hold up to 22 litres of fluid at a time.

Although called a backpack, we would highly advise you do not attempt to carry this on your back, instead you should simply bungee cord the backpack to a trolley/sack barrow as 22 litres of water is pretty heavy!

Backpack includes:

1x Battery Charger
1x Hose Attachment fitted with a HozeLock Connector
1x Big Boy 2 Backpack
6 month “Back to base” warranty

What do these lights mean?!
The green/amber/red lights are simply indicators for the battery power.

All lights are lit up green – The backpack is fully charged
Two green lights are lit up – The backpack has high charge
Single green light is lit up – The backpack is on medium charge
Yellow light is lit up – The backpack is very low, needs to be charged
Red light – The backpack is nearly out of charge, will need to be charged right away to continue using.

My backpack has stopped working
If your backpack has stopped charging or pumping out water, then you should contact us on 01442 831777, and when prompted, Option #1.