Ettore Contour Pro+ Squeegee Handle


The Daddy of window cleaning squeegee handles!

Use the Ettore super channel to complete this Ettore squeegee.

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The Contour Pro+ is an ultimate squeegee handle by Ettore, designed with 4 time-saving features.

1 – A patented suspension system with a small dial on the handle allowing you to change the spring tension on the go, simply twist anti-clockwise to loosen and clockwise to tighten.

2 – The improve Quick Release mechanism make for an easier change of squeegee channel, simply lift the quick release lever whilst the squeegee is locked in the 0degree position.

3 – Using a phillips head screwdriver, you can loosen the super system swiveling system, from the get go, the super system is ready to use without the need for adjustments. The ability to swivel the channel allows you the squeeze the squeegee through windows covered in bars.

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