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Based in Hemel Hempstead, we are now happy to announce Spotless Water, a 24/7 purified filling station which is now available for use anytime and any day of the week!

Straight off of the A41 (Close to the M25!) a tank ready and filled to supply local window cleaners with pure water. Local pickup only on this product.

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Pure Water for Window Cleaning

Window cleaning water purification system

Cleaning windows to perfection is both an art and a science and at JV Price we know the formula for success. It all centres on pure water for window cleaning. If you are in the business of washing windows, it is likely that you have taken the time to learn about the benefits of the reach and wash pole system of cleaning and perhaps you even have a van fitted for purified water. You know, as do we, that purified and totally de-ionised water at 000ppm of minerals and other impurities is the only way to guarantee crystal clear results.

Our Purification System Is State of the Art

If you are seeking de-ionised water at the required purity of 000ppm, we have a state of the art filtration system that totally de-ionises water for use with water-fed reach and wash pole window cleaning systems. Located in the Hemel Hempstead area just off the A41 and quite close to the M25 so it is easy for you to pop on over, fill your tanks and be on your way to those customers who recognise real results when they see them.

Why Purified / De-Ionised Water?

There are times when a customer will ask you why you aren’t using a squeegee and a chamois cloth and how come, in the absence of those recognisable tools, you are able to get windows so sparkling clean. We, at JV Price, are asked that all the time! We both know it’s in the water – or rather, what’s not in the water. By removing absolutely all impurities including the minerals of hard water and the chemicals added for safe drinking, there is nothing left on the window to leave a residue of any kind. When washed with the soft bristled reach and wash brush and pole system and JV Price de-ionised water, you only need to let windows air dry and you are on your way.

If you’ve no cash on you, simply pay £0.05 per litre with pay pal or a credit card and you can fill your tanks and be on your way. Don’t let the competition get the jump on you. Your expertise and JV Price pure water for window cleaning is a team that can’t be beat.


Local pickup only. Please do not ask to us to ship pure water.