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We are proud to have a shop with goods in

Although the world has now gone mad with the digital age and you can find every man and his dog online in the world wide web, we take pride in that we have an actual shop that you can walk into and buy your goods. Real people that sit here with knowledge on the products that you want and need, not just another box shifter. Price cleaning supplies was made out of the Price Group company that have over 50 window cleaners that work for us so we know what window cleaning tools work and what don’t. So if you are local to Hemel Hempstead and fancy looking at the products before you buy and want a tea/coffee and a chat/advise, pop in and say hello!


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Price Cleaning Supplies
Unit 2 Chanceryate Business Centre
Whiteleaf Road
Hemel Hempstead

Shop opening times:

Mon – Friday

08:00am – 17:00pm