Meet the Unger Stingray – Window Cleaner Tools, Efficient and Economical Indoor Window Cleaning

At Price Cleaning Supplies we are proud to offer the very best window and cladding cleaning tools available on the market. Our latest offering comes from a company with a long history of providing the highest quality industry tools available at any price and that company is Unger. The latest addition to our product line of Unger tools is the Unger Stingray which is said to be the most efficient tool for indoor window cleaning – ever!

Safe, Efficient & Economical – What More Could You Want?

Some tools are highly efficient but carry safety risks along with them. Others are designed to be ultra-safe but lack the efficiency to get the job done right. The Unger Stingray is the latest addition to their window cleaning product line that affords both safety and efficiency. According to professionals around the globe who were privy to trial design and development runs, this is the only interior window cleaning tool you are ever likely to need. Having the ability to clean windows as much as 25% faster and by using as much as 39% less chemical than other, more traditional, methods of window washing, it is not only safe and efficient but economical as well!

Key Design Features of the Unger Stingray

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As with all Unger Cleaning Products and window cleaning tools, everything is an exact science. The innovative new Unger Stingray has combined technology with comfort so that everything you need to do a professional job on interior windows (with little or no training) is included in this ergonomically designed tool that takes comfort, safety, efficiency and economy in mind. The key design features of the Unger Stingray along with the ergonomic handle include:

  • Microfibre Tripad – Dust-free pad that glides easily to quickly eliminate everything from fingerprints to dust. Note that the pad is secured in place with corner elastic strips.
  • 3D Design – The microfibre edge is 25 mm in depth that allows for the simultaneous cleaning of frames and windows. That’s efficiency!
  • Enclosed Spraying – The pad is designed with a section cut out for easy and precise application of the Stingray Glass Cleaner solution, directly to the surface of the window.
  • Refill Pouch – A total of 150ml of the professional Stingray Glass solution can be held in the refill pouch and this formula is ready to use and fast drying. Patent pending.
  • Precision Spray System – Each spray offers optimal delivery of the cleaning solution – focus on waste reduction.
  • Spray Activation Button – Connected to the pump, this battery operated spraying system allows for a virtually effortless application of the cleaning solution with just the single push of the button.
  • Controlled Volume Pump – Designed to reduce effort and fatigue in hands from pumping solution to the ‘mop head,’ the controlled volume pump is battery operated which alleviates strain and allows for precise amounts to be sent to the microfibre tripad.
  • 3D Joint – Designed to provide adequate coverage in corners and against window frames and cladding, the 3D joint is also agile so that it can twist and turn into the hardest to reach positions with amazing ease.

Designed to be used with Unger’s Stingray Glass cleaning liquid, this tool just might be the only window washing equipment you may ever need for interior window cleaning. J.V. Price is happy to announce that we now have stock of the Unger Stingray – Indoor Cleaning Tool – here