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Price Window Cleaning Supplies

Welcome to Price Cleaning Supplies ! The Price family have been in the window cleaning industry for more than 35 years, so we know how important it is to have clean, clear windows throughout your business and your home. Maintaining your windows will ensure they look great and let plenty of light in, and the maintenance can also help them last longer.

Window Cleaning Supplies

Unger UK, water fed poles, cleaning buckets and more

We’ve made it easy to find everything you need for your window cleaning jobs by offering products in categories that include traditional window cleaning supplies, water fed products, workwear, and full cleaning systems, so you can locate what you need quickly. Also, don’t forget to regularly check our Special Offers section to see what deals you can get at the moment on some of the window cleaning industry’s latest and greatest products. At our store You will find cleaning window supplies and professional water system equipment. Also check window cleaning cloths, blade, professional extension kit and more.

Price Cleaning Supplies, which has been around since 2012, was actually created as a result of the need to keep a host of window cleaning tools and supplies in stock at J.V. Price Ltd, which had its own staff of window cleaning teams. Between these teams of experts and our extensive experience with the supplies and products that they use to achieve the best results, you can rest assured that you will be receiving the highest quality items and the best customer service in the event that you have any questions whatsoever.

Today, we are one of the South of England’s largest specialist window cleaning suppliers. Since we opened our doors, we have garnered more than 250 local window cleaners who use our supplies on a weekly basis.

All of the leading brands in the industry are always in stock at Price Cleaning Supplies. You can find great names like Unger, Ettore, Ionics, Facelift, Gumwand, and SYR. Customers can pop in whenever they need to grab anything at all, whether it is a complete WFP system or a simple rubber.

Traditional Products

We have every type of traditional window cleaning product that you would need to be able to get the job done right and get it done fast.

These products include belts and holsters that will hold your cleaning supplies securely on your body while you work so that you can have them right there when you need them. We also have buckets with comfortable grips that are easy for carrying around both water and cleaning supplies at the same time.

Various types of rubbers are also available, including channels with hard rubber, as well as rubber rolls that you can cut to get just the right amount of rubber for a particular window cleaning job. Other window cleaning tools include a variety of scrapers and blades, squeegees, T-bars, cloths and scrims, and extension poles and pole accessories.

Ladders and extension poles allow you to reach the highest windows with ease, and all of the safety gear we offer will keep you from getting hurt on the job.

Water Fed Products

Water fed products are really popular because they make cleaning all types of windows easier than ever. We have a variety of water fed products on hand to suit your particular needs.

Items include water fed brushes, as well as fully integrated van systems with water tanks that make transporting your water simple. Other popular items include durable hoses and hose reels, as well as hose accessories.

We also have really convenient and reliable water fed poles for those tough window cleaning jobs that you can’t reach on your own. Of course, whatever water fed accessories you may need, such as anti-kinking hoses, endcaps, adapters, pole bags, connection kits, goosenecks, and multilink threads, are also available for purchase in our store.

And to be sure that you’re using the cleanest water possible, be sure to check out our range of water purification products too. These include filters and resin, but you can even purchase purified water from our very own water purification setup.


Our workwear products include everything that you should wear while on any window cleaning job. From clothing to neoprene gloves, the key is to remain clean, warm, and dry, and we have everything that you would need to do just that.

Cleaning Systems

Finally, we are proud to feature a variety of cleaning systems that are specifically designed for getting every window sparkling clean.

These cleaning systems include pressure washers, gutter cleaning products, tools that are specifically designed for cleaning really delicate solar panels so that they can absorb the most sunlight possible without being damaged during cleaning, and items designed for indoor window cleaning that will provide great results without making a mess or being too cumbersome for indoor use. Plus, we have some starter kits as well.

Many people ask about our gum removal products, in particular. We sell the Gumwand gum remover machine that is designed to use chemicals and steam, rather than pressure washing techniques, to remove chewing gum from windows. People like this product because it can be used by a single person and there is no need for a generator.

Our starter kits include indoor window cleaning sets, a popular ErgoTec cleaning set, a hybrid starter kit, and an integrated trailer system.

On top of making sure that we always have the window cleaning items on hand that you would need, we also make it easy to get what you need quickly. In addition to visiting our store in person, you can shop online throughout our website and choose the delivery method that works best for you.

Feel free to visit our About Us section to learn more about our company and what we do. And feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding our products. You can also check our FAQ section to see if your questions have already been answered before contacting us.